I live a strange and odd life, but it's mostly my own.

Isn't there a pill I can take for these pesky "morals" & "conscious" things?

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Jim or Greyloch ... whatever
7 March
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I'm a jack-of-all-trades. Done lots of jobs in my career, currently doing upper-level administrative stuff and love working with DTP and graphics for fun.

Big fan of science fiction, fantasy, renaissance festivals, comics, costuming, and toy genres. Basically, I'm a big kid at heart and love to have fun with my interests. Yeah, I could have been in the "White and Nerdy" video.

I'm also a gigantic flirt/rogue and can elicit world-weary sighs from most of the women I know at 50 paces.

I have no current plans for world domination. Ignore anything you've heard about this. :-)

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